E - Gentle Low Tension H.T. Dyeing Machine
Model:E - Gentle
Product introduction:E-Gentle is suitable for dyeing low tension requirement fabric, such as jacquard and elastic fabric. The advantages are as followings: 1. Double adjustable nozzles can meet the need of dyeing process for different fabrics according to running condition. 2. Spewing effect of dyeing liquid can give low tension traction for fabric. 3. The fabric is exchanged twice with the dyeing liquid in a single circle, which can improve dyeing evenness of fabrics. 4. With the U type fabric guide tube between two nozzles, fabric can be fully relaxed and retracted to release the internal stress. It can reduce the change of fabric width and gram weight. 5. Non-winch house design is simple and easy to operate for fabric loading, unloading and trouble shooting for tangling. 6. Large diameter and large wrap angle of winch can increase the gripping force to fabric and reduce slipping on the surface of winch.
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